New Crypto for SocialFi

Maxeter is a revolutionary crypto currency that can support the SocialFi platform


Maxeter SocialFi as a launchpad for nano/micro-influencers and creative minds, nurturing them from zero-to-hero and guiding their growth and monetization throughout their journey, utilizing both existing and upcoming products.

Boost Innovators

Creators are our heroes! Maxeter will actively search, onboard, and support talented minds, empowering them to shine.

Digamified Growth

Creators face challenges throughout their journey, from the start to the late stages. They have defined routes to expand their audience and reach a larger community.

Branded Digital Product

Creators and brands can collaborate to produce various digital goods and/or Digital asstes with diverse applications, depending on their level of engagement.

Monetization Channels

creators can make money in various ways, especially those with small audiences/nano-influencers.


Full complex, multi-Platform integration blockchain SocialFi experiences

Together maxeter has the potential to create a sustainable and profitable ecosystem for businesses, communities, investors, and developers.

Maxeter journey stages.

Proof of Works

Maxeter is designed to be mineable and CPU based, but can also be mined using GPUs and our blockchain has secure, 51% / double spend protections.

Buy and Earn

has an ecosystem in it, apart from being able to be mined and smartnodes as a blockchain as a social support in it.


Get 60% rewards from smarnode to help maxeter network in 51% / double spend protection.

Maxeter Spesification

Max Supply : 21,000,000,000

Block Rewards : 1,800 MAXE

Smartnode : 55%

Proof of Works : 35%

Develompent Teams : 10%

Algorithm : GhostRider

Smartnode Collateral : 600,000 MAXE

Block Speed : 3 Minute

Utilise the full maxeter SocialFi ecosystem

Proof of Works


Content Sharing

Chat Feature


Media Album

Feed Features

Profile Feature

AI Avatar

Music Player




Download Wallet

Download the latest wallets from various Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS operating systems according to your needs


Basically maxeter can be mined using a CPU, but it can also be mined using a GPU too.


Apart from mining, users can earn 55% rewards.